Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fish, and Chips, and VINEGAR

All things I love to eat together, but vinegar is also a basic cleaning staple in my kitchen. And now I have another amazing thing to add to my current use.
I have used if for what seems like forever as a microwave cleaner.

Just put half a cup in a microwave safe dish, heat for about a minute and leave it hot and steaming closed up for a few minutes. I usually leave it and forget about it, but come back after loading the dishwasher.

Then take a regular old cloth, paper towel, sponge...

and I don't care how disgusting your Micro is, the stuff just wipes out.

NOW for the newest use.

I made a volcano in my garbage disposal. equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Put the baking soda in first, then the vinegar, and plug the hole. IF YOU DON"T HAVE A PLUG DON"T DO THIS.

This is a natural pipe cleaner, and the combination is considered caustic when mixed.

Leave it for about a half hour.

Then rinse the drain with hot water.

You can use it in the Bath, the laundry sink, just be sure you can plug the pipe. You don't want a volcano in your tub, but in your pipes.

It cleaned out the line to my dishwasher, which I couldn't really access, and it smelled BAD, but for the first time in about a year, I haven't had water backing up into the counter top air vent, and spill all over the counter and the floor.


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