Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am being brave

I believe you all LOVE me, so I will show you what my counters look like.

It isn't that they have dead food all over them, dirt or stuck on who knows what.

The grout, it is just gross.

This is how it looks after cleaning and scrubbing with soap and water.
Then using the chemical solution.
Sometimes I have to bleach it too.

I love tiled counters, but HATE the tiny bites of gunk!

I have purchased smelly, gross, gloves needed, chemicals to clean it.

They really don't work, they just leave a nasty smell and a film of hazardous waste behind.

When I saw this "recipe" I had to try it.

If it worked then I would be so happy.

If it didn't then I was no worse for wear.

So before alot of my grout looked like this.

I added this
and this

mixed in a little elbow grease with this

and the results:

what do you think?

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