Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lambs are cute, Lams are fluffy


When I was younger, my grandparents for some reason where allowing my uncle to raise sheep on their property.

Then one day they brought over the meat.

Curried Lamb was the bomb. I still remember the taste.

So to try something new, Last Sunday I made

Roasted Stuffed Lamb, with scalloped potatoes, and a carrot salad.

I even fed it to my parents.

I don't really know how they felt about it, Papa was not in love with the taste of the meat, but it was good to me, and the kids.

We wont be making it again, even though the vote was positive. It cost way too much. So I wont give you the recipe. I know most of you wont be making it. If you really want it, email me, and I will send you this recipe.

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